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“TFRT was able to respond to my phone call right away without any hassle!”

Raphael A,
Wicker Park IL

“Saved a lot of extra grief by calling these specialists. They responded to my call within an hour.”

John I,
Evanston IL

“Surprised that even after the fire damage mitigation service that they were able to inspect my home for mold at no additional charge. Thank God they did because there was some black mold growing in the attic”

Bernadette S,
Hillside, IL

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Fully Insured Contractors

  • Count on us to have a free onsite evaluation
  • Don’t lock you into an upfront payment
  • Prompt arrival at a damaged property
  • Paid for accommodations, if necessary, to move out during restoration
  • Estimates are provided ASAP
  • World-Class support to carry you every step of the way

Certified Specialists with Decades of Experience

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed to pre-damaged conditions
  • Fully bonded contractors always accountable to you
  • IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) licensed staff that also have certifications anywhere from Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) to Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT)
  • Certified staff always on-site to answer your questions

Capable of Resolving All Types of Property Jobs

  • Have experience with a plethora of fire scenarios under our belt
  • Can restore any property damage, regardless of its severity & location
  • Fully equipped employees with subcontractors who are in the trenches when it comes to fire reconstruction too
  • Able to handle other disaster cleanup jobs such as water damage, mold removal, and content packout

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Why TFRT is The Chicago Fire Damage Expert

Having a property engulfed in flames is one of the worst things that can happen in one’s life. As damage cleanup experts, we understand that it often involves a property that endures structural and cosmetic damage, making it more than unsightly and hazardous to live or work in.

Therefore, our certified crew at The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT) is here to help fix that problem and mitigate permanent damage through our services relating to this disaster. We are trained to do everything from repainting walls to refinishing wooden surfaces or salvaging damaged possessions to soot removal.

Our staff utilizes the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment to recover your property & belongings from a fire. We ensure you’ll get your property to its pre-damaged condition and a better state.

Our team also has an array of licensed specialists, thanks to our years of work experience in fire damage repair jobs. Whether it’s odor removal, smoke damage cleanup, reconstruction, or even inspection, our expertise aligns with every step of the cleanout and restoring process. Please think of us as your friendly neighborhood one-stop shop for emergency repairs.

cleaning after a fire

Emergency Response and Safety

As soon as the firefighters put out the flames, our technicians and staff come straightaway to the scene to assess the situation by ensuring everyone is safe and the property is secured. We always have personal protective equipment to keep everyone safe from the powdery particles that come in all shapes & sizes (especially microscopic ones) and from smoke/soot that can spread throughout every room and surface therein. Known as VOC or volatile organic compounds, they cause genuine concern.

We must get there ASAP and initiate the safety precautions that are a must. These include site assessment, where our pros will check out the structural integrity of the building, check for any electrical hazards or any other pressing matters that could spread to other properties, and compromise the safety of those within the vicinities.

When assessing the structure, we ensure it is safe to enter the premises and check for compromised ceilings, walls, or floors to prevent the structure from collapsing. As for electrical hazards, TFRT brings electricians to check that there is no exposed wiring or damaged electrical systems that could spark another fire or shock occupants.

cleaning after a fire

Rebuilding a Property After a Fire With a Team Saves Time & Money

In almost every fire damage case, a building must not only be repaired. Reconstruction services after the dry-out and mitigation are completed in our fire and water damage services because customers’ properties that suffered such disasters will commonly have the structure of the building or home in such disrepair that it would be a disservice for us to leave you in an often destabilized property.

Our top priority is helping you through this mess, even if your property is destroyed. The last thing you need is the financial stress that many of our competitors are often guilty of transmitting to their clients.

We work as a collective yet diverse bunch that gives an all-hands-on-deck effort as the rebuilding job starts! Hence, we will offer to complementarily reconstruct and rebuild your home or business with our full-service repairs and treatments.

Whether it’s an apartment building on Halsted Street or a multi-million dollar mansion in Highland Park, TFRT serves in reconstructing any property if the property was damaged to such an extent that it is unsalvageable.

Water Damage Services Following a Fire Disaster

After experiencing a traumatic event like a fire, you most likely will have water damage from the hose that put out the fire. Our services are often provided complimentary to the fire damage clean up.

Depending on the severity of damage on the property, we will board up to prevent further damage from occurring. Afterward, we’d extract water, deodorize your home, and restore it to its original condition.

Our due diligent technicians, who are working onsite and remotely, promise to have all visible & invisible water removed from the affected areas. We will inspect the non-affected rooms too.

Afterward, our crew will apply disinfectant and remove unsalvageable materials. Later, we utilize dehumidifiers, air movers, typhoon blowers, & pedestal fans, to name a few, to dry surfaces & salvageable materials.

Our technicians also remove perform services often consequential to a fire and water-related disaster, like mold removal. Besides repairing everything damaged, we also are certified to handle other disaster response projects throughout Chicagoland:

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How Much Does a Fire Damage Repair Cost?

That’s a great question. There is no straightforward answer. However, TFRT will onboard you once hired with free estimates and flexible payment options to suit your financial constraints.

Every case is different. The damages to one’s property may be minor compared to another, or one apartment is made of toxic building material like asbestos because of its age while another isn’t.

The point is that the only way to assess the damage accurately is to have a repair cost performed by a certified and experienced professional team like ourselves as we cater to every scenario; there’s no “one-size fits all” procedure.

More drastic steps will be taken if there is no chance of restoring any part of your property entirely without jacking up the price. On top of that, you will be the first to know whether it is more economical to repair or rebuild. We will work with your insurance to ensure you save the most money, even if you don’t have fire damage insurance.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

The good news is that our contractors do the job right at no extra charges or obligation. If a board-up or full inspection is required, additional costs are associated with that. However, the total cost of our services in any project does not translate. Every reparation process is unique.

We carefully calculate job estimates using things such as the requested turnaround time and the level of destruction. On the other hand, most competitors will give you a range that goes anywhere from three figures, at best, to more than a dozen grand at least for the total charge to complete, for example, a repair job resulting from a house fire.

Promising specific inspection, testing, or clean-up fees wouldn’t be fair. However, TFRT can guarantee that our crew will be by your side throughout the process.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Call A Fire Restoration Specialist

As is true with all things damaged from hazardous scenarios, time is against you. Smoke contributes to many property owners’ plight from these nightmarish events. Simultaneously, commonly pungent odors that harm the human body develop & stay unless each room & space is cleaned thoroughly. Even though some damage is inevitable, it indeed can be reconstructed.

Discolored ceilings & burned tiles are a few of the things we dealt with when people waited days to call a contractor. On top of that, when our technicians arrive & restore your damaged property ASAP, this prevents secondary effects like corroded metal from occurring. Ultimately, solutions like demolition won’t have to be necessary.

Do Not Be a Victim of a Chicago Fire

Whether you are from the Windy City or not, you probably are familiar with The Great Chicago Fire. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow supposedly knocked over a lantern that started a blaze that later grew to incinerate most of downtown.

Thankfully, these situations rarely rise to this level of extremity. However, that doesn’t mean there should not be any precautions when it comes to building codes & hazards in homes or business complexes nowadays. Millions of dollars are spent annually fixing burned property in the Second City alone.

With our crew, the unnecessary money spent is zero!

Our staff is always a phone call away and is on-site to make sure we check & fix every square inch of your damaged property. Hands down, we are transparent & want to make sure we deliver what you need. Harvard, Lansing, or Uptown, we got you covered!

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