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We, as TFRT technicians, have seen and fixed it all. Nobody expects havoc to occur for themselves. Therefore, we have made it our mantra to be ready at any time of day or any day of the year.

As much as our services vary, the one thing that all those variations have in common is that we treat every job with the care & attention it deserves. Our number one purpose for business is so that you, the client, are given the best home service.

This includes collaborating with insurers, their employees and subcontractors, in the most efficient way for you to receive the best bang per buck, especially since many clients have gone through a traumatic experience such as house fires.

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Remember, we are a team of dedicated pros

  • who follow all mitigation code and standards to the letter
  • who provide an unbiased point of view
  • who thoroughly inspect the extent of your property damage
  • who are open to using basic procedures rather than superficial treatments
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