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Need Fire Damage Restoration Contractor?

There’s no doubt a fire not only can be the most traumatizing & hazardous thing to happen to you or your loved one, but it can also be the worst thing for your property. Sadly, it does not end once the flames and smoke are extinguished.

Did you know that the number one thing people need for survival is shelter? Yes, especially if you live or work in a four-season environment. Unfortunately, fires are not just a threat when it comes to your property. Businesses can end up in financial trouble and families/tenants would end up in dire straits without a roof over their head.

During a crisis like that, families are left with nothing but a damaged home or even no roof over their heads; meanwhile, businesses are left in financial limbo with little to no means of doing commerce. Therefore, a responsive fire restoration team is the silver lining that mitigates the financial & emotional burden that comes with such plight.

The National Fire Protection Association has reported that a structural fire occurs every 65 seconds. It is said that when an alarm sound or 911 call is made, fire departments & emergency responders spring into action. Once the smoke clears, The Fire Restoration Team responds to a call in the same manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

Full-Service Property Inspection & Cleaning

You May Ask, “Why Can’t I Fix My Property Up Myself? (DIY)”

You certainly can approach a fire damage restoration DIY style. Keep in mind that you are dealing with hazardous chemical & materials of all types that developed after being scorched by flames. If you are not properly trained, you could clean the wrong material with the wrong product. Rather than saving money, you would be spending more time & money than what would have been the case if you’d only call emergency response technicians to do the job. However, if you feel that your cleaning methods are the way to go, talk to certified disaster mitigation experts beforehand.

Before you do that though, keep in mind that effective treatment of a damaged property involves a flexible approach to materials. You can’t just have any restoration or service contractor come out to your property go inspect and fix the problem. You need to have a service that completely cleans up the toxic minerals left from this disaster. Not only will there be environmental and health consequences when not restored properly, it will end costing more. As the saying goes, “don’t go for the cheap option in the short term as you might end up paying more in the long run.”

In America, the average age of a home is around 40 years & a commercial building is 50 years old. With that in mind, it can be easy to see that infrastructure is subject to maintenance that can be exacerbated by only the flames. However, it isn’t that simple.

Residential Property Cleaning
Commercial Property Cleaning
Property Inspection

We Also Include in Our Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation

Content restoration

Air duct cleaning

Hazardous waste disposal

Structural cleaning

Smoke damage cleanup

Soot removal

Structural Shoring/Board Up


Smoke Damage Cleanup

Why Smoke Should Not Linger

Produced by flames, fumes can linger for days after a fire incident. Most of these fumes are toxic. Other than possibly being carcinogenic, they can cause respiratory illnesses to develop in the occupants. First off, do not stay inside confined spaces that have any level of smoke exposure. Contact us to have this aerated right away.

We are here to mitigate smoke ASAP because the last thing we need is someone to be exposed to such chemicals that develop into chronical illnesses for the occupants.

What is Considered Smoke Damage?

Before, we go further, let’s discuss what smoke really is. It is a compound of solid, liquid, and gas that originates from a combustion. Contrary to what is commonly assumed, smoke is a dynamic phenomenon that deposits various residues. For example, there is protein residue that are produced by meat.
With regards to damage done to the property, smoke has the potential to accelerate the deterioration of your home or business when not restored in a timely manner. Besides leading to the discoloration of your walls & ceilings, it can do all sorts of damage in following manners:

  • Furniture will corrode quickly, leading to the next chemical buildup of a fire in a confined space that is otherwise known as soot.
  • Walls and all other components holding the burned structure up will not be able to withstand as much of a load as previous and could cause the building to collapse.
  • As a topic in and of itself, electronics can be severely damaged by smoke because its magnetic charge could short circuit the wires connecting the television, stove, & computer.
    Read more about smoke here

Soot Removal Services

Soot is an acidic, black powdery substance made from synthetic and natural components burned from the fire. Besides having an odor, it is a flakey powder that when inhaled can also lead to cause a myriad of health issues like bronchitis, heart attacks, and even death.
Moreover, like smoke, soot needs to be neutralized immediately or eliminated by soot cleanup professionals like ourselves.

One-time Cleaning
Regular Cleaning
Apply Antimicrobial

More Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Allow Fire Insurance to Cover Your Services?

The short is “Yes.” Unless your property was damaged by arson or it was vacant for a month or longer, you will most likely be covered. Fire insurance is included in most homeowner insurance. It all depends on the policy limit of the insurer.

Does Fire Insurance for a Homeowner Also Cover Water Damage Remediation & Mold Removal?

The answer is, “it depends.” If your insurance sees that the circumstance was preventable, they will not cover it. Typically, this is the case for mold that formed as a result of preventable sources such as a leaky pipe. On the other hand, most board up services come included with an unforeseen event such as a fire. Therefore, boarding up services can be bundled up in the fire damage restoration job your contractors are hired to fix.

What Is The First Thing I Should Do As Soon As the Flames Are Out?

Besides thanking the fire brigade, you should call your insurance to submit a house fire claim if you are a homeowner. Once there, they will provide instructions on what needs to be done in regards to your damaged home & getting in touch with a restoration team like ourselves.

How Long Does it Take to Restore My Home or Business?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific length of time as it all depends on the nature of the problem. Before restoration professionals such as ourselves can come in to do our work, local authorities and insurance representatives will need to come in to inspect beforehand.

Should I Move Out of My Home While It is Being Restored?

Depending on your insurance, you may be covered when staying at a hotel, bed, and breakfast, or another home during the restoration process. However, we at The Fire Restoration Team will allow the occupants to stay if the degree of damage and the property’s layout permits it. Lastly, we also want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Therefore, we will support the recommendations you give.

If I am Not a Homeowner, How Would Restoration Services be Insured (i.e. Commercial Property, Apartment Building?

If you are a business, it works in much the same way as a homeowner. However, if you rent a property, then it would depend on your renters’ insurance. Talk to them on how you would be covered.

Even if the fire damage is small, Would I Still Need Restoration Service?

As long as there are smoke and flames, there is always a possibility of soot and toxic/odor lingering, therefore causing damage that can become permanent to your property and body. Moreover, act fast by contacting certified restoration technicians.


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Just remember that disasters have the potential to strike at any minute.

They can range from smoke fuming out from a smoke alarm detecting fumes coming out from a burnt meal in an oven to the total destruction of a home or apartment building.

As stated before, the headaches don’t end there. You, the property owner, are left with a home or business that is prone to suffer from fire, smoke, and water damage from the fire fighters extinguishing the flames if not addressed by contractors ASAP.

Fortunately, you have a window of opportunity to salvage the effects of fire damage done to your property by having an effective team of emergency response professionals like TFRT who can reverse the damages completely.

Fire mitigation experts need a myriad of skills, planning, & experience to take up the proper procedures that gets the job done. That is where TFRT (The Fire Restoration Team) comes into play.

Besides being an emergency-response, 24/7, and reliable restoration company, there is a reason why we are The Fire Damage Contractors of America.

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