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Home water damage restoration

Not only do we not lock you into upfront payments, but we also compensate accommodations to move out during the recovery phase no matter what time of day or year.

Our response is within the hour of your call since disasters can happen anytime and can degrade or destroy your property immediately.

Restoring properties after water damage

Water Damage

Our crew will eliminate all forms of water damage by inspecting the source, level of contamination, & severity of damage with tools like moisture meters. From there, we’ll use equipment like air movers to extract all levels of standing water or moisture resulting from fire suppression efforts or burst pipes from the scorching heat of a fire. Lastly, our team conducts sanitation & dehumidification processes to make your property safe to remodel.

Professional fire damage repair

Fire Damage

Our company helps you with removing all fire damage by having our technicians come onsite to neutralize smoke odors, eliminate any toxic airborne particles, and clean any residues of soot left by the flames with equipment such as thermal foggers and HEPA air filters.

Once completed, we structural repair all damages from the ground up.

Reliable mold damage restoration experts

Mold Damage

Whether you have black mold in your living room or are unsure and would like to have your corporate office inspected for possible contaminants, we’ve gotcha covered thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and certified mold inspectors to get the job done right and quickly, from inspection to reconstruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Allow Fire Insurance to Cover Your Services?

The short answer is “Yes.” Unless your property was damaged by arson or was vacant for a month or longer, you will most likely be covered. Fire insurance is included in most coverage plans. The insurer’s policy limit determines coverage.

Does Fire Insurance for a Homeowner Also Cover Water Damage Remediation & Mold Removal?

The answer is, “it depends.” If your insurance sees that the circumstance was preventable, they will not cover it. Typically, this is the case for mold that formed as a result of preventable sources such as a leaky pipe. On the other hand, most board up services come included with an unforeseen event such as a fire. Therefore, boarding up services can be bundled up in the fire damage restoration job your contractors are hired to fix.

What Is The First Thing I Should Do As Soon As the Flames Are Out?

Besides thanking the fire department, you should call your insurance to submit a house fire claim if you are a homeowner. Once there, they will provide instructions on what needs to be done concerning your damaged property & getting in touch with a restoration team like ourselves.

How Long Does it Take to Restore My Home or Business?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific length of time as it all depends on the nature of the problem. Before restoration professionals such as ourselves can come in to do our work, local authorities and insurance representatives will need to come in to inspect beforehand.

Should I Move Out of My Home While It is Being Restored?

Depending on your insurance, you may be covered when staying at a hotel, bed, and breakfast, or another home during the restoration process. However, we at The Fire Restoration Team will allow the occupants to stay if the degree of damage and the property’s layout permits it. Lastly, we also want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Therefore, we will support the recommendations you give.

If I am Not a Homeowner, How Would Cleanup Services be Insured (i.e. Commercial Property, Apartment Building?

If you are a business, it works the same way as a homeowner. We can specifically handle commercial properties. However, if you rent a property, then it would depend on your renters’ insurance. Talk to them about how you would be covered.

Even if the fire damage is small, Would I Still Need Repair Services?

As long as there are smoke and flames, there is always a possibility of soot and toxic/odor lingering, therefore causing damage that can become permanent to your property and body. Moreover, act fast by contacting certified restoration technicians.

What not to do after fire damage?

Do NOT enter the fire-damaged building as soon as the firefighters clear out the fire. They will tell you whether your utilities are safe to use or not. Even if they give the green light to enter, hidden but hazardous components and toxic chemicals can still be fuming after a fire is often put out. To be safe, wait for professionals like us to come and inspect the property, as we often have ETAs within one hour.

How do you deal with the aftermath of a house fire?

Before anything, stay calm. Deep breathing and not letting your emotions and impulses can help a lot. Never forget that object is replaceable. Make sure everyone is safe and in a secure place until emergency services come. TFRT will arrive immediately after you make the phone call to take care of the rest, as firefighters can only do so much when they service many emergencies throughout the day.

What is salvageable after a fire?

Any object sturdy enough to survive triple digits of heat and flames without being susceptible to water & smoke is salvageable. Some stain cleaning may be necessary, but there are tons of products that you or we can use to resolve the issue. Click here to find out more.

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