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There is no doubt that Orlando is a place that resonates with its unique blend of culture, community, and resilience.

However, amid many of its perks, according to RiskFactor, the city has numerous residential & commercial properties at moderate risk of succumbing to wildfires. There is always a chance of a fire sparking and destroying an entire property.

At The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT), we understand how fires can impact the city’s neighborhoods, businesses, & families. Our relentless commitment lies in protecting Floridians from such disasters.

With decades of expertise, we stand at the forefront, ready to implement our tailored restoration processes for people throughout Lightning Alley.

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Fire damage cleanup and restoration


TFRT was able to respond to my phone call right away without any hassle!

Raphael A,
Lake Eola FL

Surprised that even after they completed the job, TFRT was able to inspect my home for mold at no additional charge. Thank God they did because there was some black mold growing in the attic.

Clarence W,
Forest City, FL

Saved a lot of extra stress by calling these specialists. They responded to my call within an hour.

Jackie W,
Kissimmee FL

Understanding Fire Damage in Orlando

The resilience of these communities in and around the Lightning Alley is unparalleled. Yet, the aftermath of a fire incident can leave an indelible mark on homes, businesses, & the collective spirit.

From roaring flames to the silent infiltration of smoke, each fire brings forth a unique set of challenges. We adapt to the specific problem you have at hand because we understand how fires can create havoc for buildings.

Moreover, our comprehensive approach acknowledges the unseen dangers that can arise post-fire by emphasizing and integrating health and safety concerns that demand immediate attention throughout our services.

We carefully navigate the landscape of fire damage, acknowledging the multifaceted impact it can inflict on any property at any time. Therefore, we pave the way for a thorough, strategic repair intervention in any job.

Thoroughly Getting You and Your Property Back on Your Feet

At TFRT, we don’t merely undertake fire damage; we epitomize a philosophy of meticulousness, expertise, and unparalleled dedication at every step of the process.

Our journey commences with a thorough initial assessment, a crucial phase where we meticulously analyze the scope and intricacies of the fire damage, laying the groundwork for a tailored plan.

From comprehensive cleanup efforts to the meticulous reconstruction phase, we handle each aspect with finesse and precision. Our dedication to restoring structures, nurturing relationships, and supporting our Floridian clients throughout the recovery journey sets us apart.

Armed with state-of-the-art techniques and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim not just to restore what was lost but to exceed expectations, revitalizing the essence of each restored property.

We are 24/7 disaster response professionals who mobilize to ensure a disaster is handled in a manner that best protects your property from further wear. After all, many water-related damages occur after a fire incident because firefighters put out raging flames full of highly pressurized gallons of water.

Our Unmatched Approach to Fire Restoration

Behind TFRT’s success story stands a team of seasoned experts led by Pedro Andres, an oracle in the home services niche. With decades of combined experience and a passion for excellence, our team exemplifies unparalleled dedication to every project in The Sunshine State.

Each member brings knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our approach isn’t just about technical mastery; it’s about understanding our clients’ emotional and practical needs during challenging times.

We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and practical approach, and standing as pillars of support for Orlando’s communities in their most challenging times.

Reconstructing Your Property With Us After a Fire Saves Time and Money

In nearly every fire damage scenario, restoring a building goes beyond mere repairs. Once the drying-out and mitigation processes are completed, reconstruction becomes imperative.

Properties affected by such disasters often suffer structural damage, leaving them in a precarious state. It’s our commitment not to leave you in an unstable property.

Our primary focus is guiding you through this challenging situation, even if your property is severely damaged. We understand the financial strain such incidents can cause, and unlike many competitors, we aim to alleviate that stress for our clients.

We pay for temporary accommodation for residential properties so that you and your loved ones are sheltered while we take care of the job. For commercial properties, we provide you and your employees with a safe and temporary place to conduct your business.

We are a united team pooling our expertise for comprehensive rebuilding efforts. We aim to reconstruct and revitalize your home or business with full-service repairs and treatments.

Regardless of the property type—whether an apartment building in Downtown or a luxurious estate in Windermere—TFRT specializes in reconstructing properties that have incurred irreparable damage due to fires.

Water Damage Restoration Services After a Fire is Must

Following a distressing fire incident, water damage can result from putting out a fire. That is why we have water damage specialists onsite as well.

Depending on the property’s damage severity, we prioritize boarding up to prevent further harm. Subsequently, we perform water extraction deodorization and strive to restore your home to its original state.

Our diligent technicians, onsite and remotely, ensure the removal of all visible and invisible water from affected areas, including inspections of unaffected rooms.

Additionally, our team applies disinfectants, removes unsalvageable materials, and utilizes tools like dehumidifiers, air movers, blowers, and fans to dry surfaces and salvageable items effectively.

Beyond water damage, we address consequential issues like mold removal caused by fire and water disasters. Our certification extends to handling various disaster response projects throughout Orlando.

Click on the links below to discover our comprehensive range of services, which are offered for free if they result from a fire incident.

How Much Does Fire Damage Repair Cost?

Determining the exact cost of fire damage repair is not straightforward. At TFRT, we offer free estimates and flexible payment options tailored to your specific financial circumstances once you engage our services.

Each case varies significantly. Property damage might range from minor to severe, and certain factors, such as hazardous materials like asbestos in older buildings, can impact costs.

Accurate damage assessment requires the expertise of certified professionals like us. We cater to diverse scenarios, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

If necessary, we’ll take more extensive measures to restore your property, ensuring transparency regarding repair or rebuilding costs. Our team collaborates with your insurance provider to find cost-effective solutions, even if you lack fire damage insurance coverage.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

The best thing is that our contractors ensure quality work without additional fees or obligations. If a board-up or comprehensive inspection is necessary, extra charges may apply.

What Our Clients Think of Us Matters First

Our clients’ words resonate deeply, vividly describing our staff’s transformative impact on each project.

Through heartfelt testimonials, our clients share their journeys of resilience, from devastation to reinstallation, highlighting the technical proficiency and the compassionate support they received.

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