Contents Restoration Service

Saving All Your Possessions That You Hold Near and Dear

It is inevitable for your furniture and personal belongings not to be damaged in some shape or form after any disaster strikes your home or business. That’s why this service is a must. It is a necessary process in virtually every type of restoration project.

When restoring your home, this service makes it so that everything within the walls of your property restores its pre-damaged condition, as we have access to the appropriate cleaning agents.

The Fire Restoration Team is one of the few companies that bundle this up in a disaster response cleanup. Call us, and we will professionally handle everything, whether burnt sofas or damaged figurine cases.

How Do We Restore Your Contents?

Undoubtedly, Americans, on average, have the burden of accruing high property damage costs. On top of that, insurers are constantly trying to get an edge over their competition by prioritizing you. Therefore, a service heavily considered by claims professionals is contents restoration. Not only does it reduce costs for you by allowing us to include it in our cleanup services, but contents restoration gives you a better customer experience than if you were to have two separate contractors to do the inside and outside property restoration.

Can Your Items Be Preserved Even After a Horrible Disaster?

The answer is a strong YES!

TFRT has recovered all sorts of contents in homes (large and small), corporate buildings, and warehouses. Our services include:

Cataloged Storage Vaulting for Your Belongings

Home damage restoration services are just as important when it comes to properly tracking down & salvaging personal contents like textiles & electronics.

TFRT presents you & your insurance with as many affordable options as possible. Preserving your assets during a restoration process that meets your preferences when it comes to handling your most important possessions is our focus in this and all of our services.

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Fire damage cleanup and restoration

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“Pedro and the team came to my home right away to take care of the excess water in my basement.”

Joan Y.

What Equipment Do We Use?

In the 2020s, TFRT possesses some of the most advanced and cutting-edge cleaning equipment that utilizes ultra-sonic sound to vibrate water molecules.

To summarize, our cleaning equipment uses bubbles to clean in a fluid process called cavitation. One example of this in action is an engine of a jet ski.

Essentially, their propellers create vibrations that create cavitation bubbles in the water. This effect grows exponentially. Then, it collapses due to high pressure, producing a cleaning effect covering large swathes.

These ultrasonic sprays clean the “next to impossible” to remove contaminants without using poisonous chemicals to restore sensitive contents like electronics (e.g., cell phones, laptops, tablets, consoles, stereo systems) to pristine conditions.

Our equipment includes a state-of-the-art & automated washing system that utilizes hydraulics that is preprogrammed to cover every protocol necessary to eliminate odors and contaminants of all types like soot, sewage, & biohazard spills in your home or business. All of this removes toxins.

It’s possible to clean with biodegradable agents. Large contaminations like category 2 and 3 water-damaged soft contents are just some of the many types of cleanups we perform. According to a restoration cleaning laboratory called Wonder Makers Environmental, they revealed that today’s machines could remove up to ninety-nine percent of all organic contaminants, restoring soft contents to pre-loss condition.

These tech trends have established inspection within the field. ECONA (Esporta Certified Operators of North America) is the institute that detects and analyzes the extent to which organic contaminants get removed from cleaning agents. According to a study they made, ECONA concluded that 85 percent of soft contents that were considered “non-restorable” by traditional dry cleaning ended up returning to their pre-damaged conditions.

As discussed earlier, TFRT has inventory software packages that streamline the cataloging and pack-in/out procedure. Programs include ContentsTrack and iCat. They allow insureds to closely monitor their contents as they go through the restoration process.

Contents restoration assessment

How Much Will Restoring Your Personal Belongings Cost?

The way we do it depends on your specific situation. What you can count on, though, is that we will stick with only the best when restoring your possessions. We also make sure it is the most budget-friendly.

TFRT will clean & secure your items to prevent further corrosion. Afterward, we’d extract water, deodorize your home, and restore it to its original condition.

Depending on the severity of damage that your property endured, a more elaborate restoration job may be required while using more sophisticated equipment. Our competitors give out a flat four to five-figure fee while we carefully look at your specific case. From there, we will reduce the cost as best as possible, making our solution more economical than our competition.

Please Don’t Wait to Get it Done

Fires emit flames that create smoke & leave odors that are either foul or dangerous. Although it is next to impossible to prevent walls from being destroyed, ceilings being discolored, and floors being burned (as it all happens within hours), allowing us to resolve it ASAP will prevent secondary effects like corroded metal from occurring. Lastly, solutions like demolition won’t have to be necessary.

Complete Restoration Includes

Hard & Soft-Good Furnishings
Electronics Cleaning
Artwork & Decorations
Furniture & Appliances
Records & Documents
Rugs & Carpeting
Office Equipment
Hand Tools

What If The Item is Unsalvagable?

Good news, we will keep those contents in inventory & ready for disposal. They will then be replaced with a new item that is of the same value. Additionally, we have barcode-synced inventory services that give you all of the data you need to know about each belonging.

TFRT’s specialists are trained in everything that ranges from tile restoration for water-damaged tiles to restoring corroding walls. So, when your content has been damaged by a disaster, you can rely on TFRT to have everything to get the job done.

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