Basement Flood Cleanup Services

Don’t Get Inundated With Mess, Have Us Come In and Dry Up Your Property

Basement flooding often occurs after a property experiences a fire. That is because sprinkler systems are often triggered by smoke in a building like an office or factory.

Also, remember that the flames can burst pipes due to the excessive temperatures these fires can reach.

Furthermore, when these factors occur, gravity will cause much excess water to go to areas of low elevation such as a basement. That is why we offer to restore and repair them after a fire damage restoration job.

The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT) offers expert solutions for restoring your basement after such a mess, whether water, sewage, or, you name it; we’ve done it.

When calling up our contractors, you save yourself the endless headaches, financial losses, and health risks that come with floods thanks to our cutting-edge equipment & our versatile specialists who have handled various water damage situations.

We provide comprehensive solutions to handle these floods that include inspecting for hidden moisture, extracting excessive water, & sanitizing the area in order to get it to its pre-flooded condition.

Signs You Need Flood Mitigation

Thanks to our network of contractors and clean up equipment, TFRT can be onsite with a few hours after your call. We use dehumidifiers and other state-of-the-art equipment to get started.

Since humidity is the largest contributor to secondary problems, our experts make sure to dehumidify areas such as the basement by circulating the air.



  • Since floods occur in multiple properties and span for miles on end, they can cause undesirable things to enter people’s properties and possibly jeopardize health. One scary outcome that could occur from a flood is flesh-eating bacteria entering.
  • Streptococcus, Clostridium, and Klebsiella are just some of the deadly strains of bacteria that mix in water.
  • It also is possible for brain-eating amoeba (known as Naegleria Fowleri) to enter into homes after monsoons in places down South too. Moreover, it is our duty to spot these problems right away.

Mud & Dirt

  • Another problem that comes from flooding is mud. Even though mudslides are a major cause for dirt or muck to enter your property, most likely, the water that entered probably mixed with other substances like dirt or mulch.

Breeding Ground for Pests

  • Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. If you leave it, you end up having the risk of diseases like West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis being transmitted in your property.



  • Sometimes sewage can mix in floodwater, especially if you live in a densely populated residential area.


  • Algae buildup occurs. In extreme cases, the odor can emit from these organisms is putrid. The last thing you need is for it to build up.

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Fire damage cleanup and restoration

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“I called a few mitigation companies after a flood that was NOT covered by my insurance. The Fire Restoration Team responded immediately and offered a fair cash price for us. Our basement was quickly restored. Thank you!!”

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Our Basement Flood Cleanup Process

As soon as you call us, we have a professional come in to take a look onsite to evaluate the extent of the damage and severity of the flood. Next, a crew completes preventative measures to root out the cause of the issue while eliminating the chances of a future flood from happening. Lastly, we check the structural integrity of the basement. We determine your specific case’s safety measures and extraction techniques from there.

Water Extraction

Once we fully grasp the situation, our technicians will come in to swiftly remove all standing water (contaminated or not), such as chemical-infused or sewage rubbish, in the area with powerful wet vacuums or submersible pumps. Additionally, we make sure to remove water from those hard-to-reach areas like crevices and corners. All of this is done while reducing the risk of secondary damage. Removing moisture from surfaces that absorb it, like plaster & wood, can be incredibly challenging. Therefore, we end up going through this process multiple times.

Moisture Detection and Dehumidification

Once most of the water is gone, our techs assess water infiltration or the extent to which it permeates through surfaces by utilizing infrared cameras and moisture meters to detect any hidden moisture spots within structural flooring and walls since those can lead to bacteria & mold growth down the line. Simultaneously, this step allows us to determine our drying tactic while seeing which areas require more attention.


While being in line with industry standards and local environmental regulations, we implement eco-friendly protocols to properly drain all flooded water while disposing all rubbish and or sewage within. Meanwhile, anything that is soaking wet would be taken out. If your possessions are damaged, our company will repair & recompensate them. 

Disinfecting After a Flood

TFRT cleans every surface with hot water & a cleaner. Our crew comes with disinfectants to eliminate any possibility of bacteria growing. Everything is dried thoroughly. remove moisture from surfaces that absorb it, like plaster & wood. Lastly, we ventilate the interior of your flooded property by installing HEPA filtration devices.

We like to keep things extra safe for you by sanitizing and treating areas that are subject to building up bacteria or mold with antibacterial agents and allergen-free cleaning devices that you would mostly not be able to find in your nearest store if you were to DIY it.

Structural Restoration

Often times, basements will sustain disrepair after a fire and flood. Fortunately, we come in to provide temporary support systems and bracing in order for our staff to remove waterlogged or any other unsalvagable foundational elements of the building. While following local building codes, we repair structural components compromised by basement floods while conducting inspections to verify your property is free from any damage.


For those of you wondering if this service is covered under your insurance plan, it often times depends. We work in everyway to make sure you can have your claims processed. From there, we document and provide insurance assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Service

Signs of basement water damage

What are the Pros of Professional Basement Flood Cleanup Services?

In addition to taking the burden off your plate, having a basement flood professionally cleaned up can expedite the process as opposed to doing it yourself. You don’t risk the chance of injuring yourself and not being potentially exposed to contaminants. All our staff are PPE-ready.

Our crew often come in to even detect things that you most likely would have not seen because of the equipment we have. That includes mold prevention which can be camouflaged or serious enough to render long term side-effects like black mold.

Flooding and Electrical Safety

Electrical outlets and fixtures are things that TFRT keeps an eye on. Everybody knows that water and electricity are the worst combination to have. We shut off everything for preventive purposes. Then, we have an electrician take a look at it. Once the flood water is gone, the electrician will communicate with you & our team about drying or repairing them before you return them to your home or office. Despite that, expect devices like panels, junction boxes, & switches to not function properly.

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

Many home & commercial property owners do not consider a sump pump as a utility requiring maintenance. Unfortunately, that opinion could not be further from reality. In many cases, heavy rainfall is the cause of flooding.

When water compounds after a week’s worth of rainfall, the last thing you would want to do is step into a room with water that is ankle or knee-deep. By making sure you have a robust sump pump, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars as it does the work for you in keeping water from building up.

Another common thought Americans have is that they do not need to maintain the sump pump that has been working for years.

    Basement water intrusion because of a broken sump pump

    Although they are more reliable than other utilities, they are still subject to wear and tear. Therefore, don’t do a disservice to yourself. Instead, follow these steps to fix it yourself, or you can have them serviced.

    Checklist on How to Safely Fix a Pump

    Double check that the pump is connected to a source of power.
    Glitches in circuit breakers occur often. By resetting them, you may be able to facilitate the connection that is crucial for a sump pump to function properly.
    Make sure that the sump pump isn’t part of a switched circuit.
    Check that the discharge outlet is debris-free.
    Remove anything such as debris that is in the sump pit. This prevents the float switch from hanging up.
    Reactive the pump by moving the float switch up and down. If there isn’t one, it will most likely have a sensor of some type. Just wipe it clean and that should do the trick.
    Clean out any debris inside the basin that may cause the float switch to hang up.
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    TFRT has it all regarding specialists able to handle every step of the restoration and cleanup process. Events like these happen. You went through enough. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way!