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There’s no room for uncertainty when disaster strikes your property!

That’s why you can rely on The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT), a team with extensive expertise in this field.

Our proven track record of reliable and effective services will give you the peace of mind that your property is safe.

At TFRT, we don’t just stop at restoration. We’re with you every step of the way, from when the firefighters leave to the final inspection.

Our comprehensive services cover everything from mitigation to reconstruction, smoke damage cleanup, and soot removal. You can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

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Fire damage cleanup and restoration


“Just the way I like, straight to point, no dilly dallying, gets the job done.”

Elliot T,
Neptune Beach, FL

“In my most urgent time of need, I called TFRT and they got a crew out with technicians and staff within the hour.”

Eileen R,
Sandalwood, FL

“Had a kitchen fire come up and got the dryer exhaust damaged. The Fire Restoration Team came in, even for this small job.”

Rosanne P,
Lakeside, FL

Why Do You Need Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself?

Why You Should Choose Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself In Florida, emergencies like hurricanes and floods require immediate attention from skilled specialists. TFRT, as an emergency cleanup contractor, is prepared to provide fast and expert reconstruction services for various types of damage. With a successful history in reconstructing and remodeling properties, we skillfully navigate tough conditions to deliver outstanding results. Our precise fire damage restoration plans are designed to prevent further issues in Jacksonville’s challenging climate, providing peace of mind during difficult times.

TFRT has experience in handling and restoring all kinds of damage, including house fires that can severely weaken a structure. This is why you need a team like us with the right tools and expertise to assess and proceed with the reconstruction before the damage worsens. Additionally, we also address cosmetic damage to ensure that your home not only remains structurally sound but also looks appealing.

Unlike other home service companies, TFRT has experience in reconstructing and remodeling a wide range of properties, from ranch homes to mansions and apartment buildings. Our work is done with great care and attention, as operating in this industry often involves handling precarious environments. Our experience in such conditions gives you confidence that we can handle any situation with professionalism and expertise.

TFRT understands the challenges posed by Jacksonville’s climate, including high humidity that can deteriorate structures. The heavy rainfall in northern Florida further complicates the situation. However, our team is known for its proactive approach to fire damage restoration, planning projects with precision to prevent further damage from the elements. With decades of experience and a proven track record, we prioritize your safety and security in the face of disaster.

What Do We Do With Smoke Restoration?

Smoke emissions lead to the spread of powdery particles containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause chronic diseases. Hiring professionals with specialized equipment like air scrubbers and movers is crucial for effectively detoxifying the environment and protecting your belongings and staff.

Therefore, the Fire Restoration Team is here to help restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Prior to completing our work, we ensure that preventive measures, such as inspecting electrical wiring, are taken to prevent future fires.

How We Handle Water Damage?

Water damage is a critical issue that demands immediate attention. If your property has been affected by water, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Fire Restoration Team. Our team of 24/7 disaster response professionals is dedicated to ensuring that clean-up is carried out in a way that protects your property from further damage. It’s important to note that many water-related damages occur even after fire restoration procedures, mainly due to the use of firefighting hoses.

Emergency Response Contractors You Can Rely On in Duval County

TFRT is your reliable solution. Our highly trained crew and licensed technicians ensure your complete satisfaction. Beyond fire mitigation, we specialize in addressing all issues, from flash flooding to biohazards, throughout the First Coast.

Getting The Job Done With TFRT

When facing water damage, the source isn’t always obvious. Our team of highly trained IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) technicians conducts thorough inspections to pinpoint the source. Once identified, we swiftly extract moisture and water from the affected areas to restore your property.

Experience the difference with TFRT’s cutting-edge water extraction equipment. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures thorough restoration by efficiently extracting standing water and dehumidifying affected areas. Our specialists guarantee a complete dry-out process, leaving no trace of moisture even in difficult-to-reach spaces. For heavily damaged furniture and upholstery, we offer replacement if it proves more cost-effective than restoration.

Why Choose Us for Cleaning Up After a Disaster?

At our company, we are committed to ensuring the well-being and peace of mind of our clients. With expertise in handling all levels of water intrusion, whether in a home or a community, we guarantee a seamless restoration process to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Our goal is to deliver this service at an affordable price, ensuring no hassle for you. In addition to water damage restoration, we also provide comprehensive mold remediation, inspection, and removal services.

Mold Removal Services After a Fire

Discover a comprehensive range of mold remediation services in addition to fire and water damage restoration. As the service provider for Texas’ largest city, we are equipped to tackle any issue. When you reach out to us, expect top-of-the-line tools such as HEPA air purifiers and dehumidifiers to be readily available.

How Do You Go About Estimating Fire Damage Costs?

We understand that every disaster cleaning job is unique, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions for each situation. Our experienced technicians will swiftly assess the property to deliver accurate and effective solutions, ensuring that we help people recover from a wide range of destruction as efficiently as possible.

Our dedicated crew ensures that your property is restored to its original state, as if no damage had ever occurred. We guarantee transparent pricing with no hidden fees or obligations. Extra accommodations, such as board-up, will be communicated by our technician. Please note, the final price depends on the extent of the damage and the required turnaround time.
Experience the difference with our advanced reconstruction and remodeling services. Our skilled team is fully equipped to handle any job, providing support at every stage of the process.

We’ve observed that prices in our area often appear higher compared to neighboring areas like St. Augustine or Yulee. We assure you that our dedicated team will never engage in price gouging simply due to your residency in San Marco or Deerwood, unlike our competitors!

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