Fire Damage Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration Houston

There is no doubt that fires are disasters that don’t come without traumas and high costs. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to calling us, The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT).

As soon as the firefighters leave, it is our job to also restore properties comprehensively in an affordable and timely manner. We are always with you in every step of the process, whether that’s inspection, mitigation, reconstruction, smoke damage cleanup, and soot removal, to name a few.

Why The Fire Restoration Team?

Even though everyone needs to prepare for a worst-case scenario, many of these disasters are spontaneous. Therefore, you need specialists on the spot. However, it can be a challenge to decide on a contractor as the internet is filled with a plethora of them. Moreover, you need to decide on the contractors best suited for the job. Fortunately, you have us & here is why.

As emergency cleanup contractors, TFRT has seen & restored it all. House fires, for example, incinerates & often weakens a structure to the point of no return. Therefore, you need a team like us who has the instruments & experience to inspect & proceed with the reconstruction aspect of a job before the elements exacerbate the damage. On top of that & maybe to a lesser degree of importance, cosmetic damage to your humble abode makes for an unsightly place to be in.

Unlike other home services firms, we at TFRT have reconstructed & remodeled anything from ranch homes to mansions and apartment buildings. All of this is done carefully, as everything in this industry often requires working in a precarious environment.

Additionally, Houston’s climate worsens things with its high humidity that eats away at its material structure. On top of that, Southeast Texas is known for its torrential rain. Furthermore, TFRT is known for planning out a fire damage restoration project that is accurate enough to avoid the elements from prolonging this complex process. We have decades of experience in our portfolio.

What Do We Do With Smoke Restoration?

Inevitably, smoke emits causes powdery particles (invisible to the naked eye) to form & spread as they are often times airborne. Many of these include what is known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause chronic diseases. Although some equipment like a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered vacuum is effective in taking care of this situation, you need a whole crew of professionals to have an assortment of other equipment to not only protect your personal possessions like poly sheeting, you also need a crew that has air scrubbers & movers to detoxify the environment.

Therefore, The Fire Restoration Team is here to help revert your home to a pre-loss condition. Before completing our job, we make sure that preventive measures like inspecting electrical wiring are done to stop a fire from happening again.

How We Handle Water Damage?

Water damage is something that should never be treated lightly. As soon as you realize that your property has been affected by water, contact The Fire Restoration Team.

We are 24/7 disaster response professionals who mobilize to make sure a disaster clean is handled in a manner to best salvage your property from further damage.

Water damage is something you should always take seriously. After all, many of the water-related damages are typically required after fire restoration procedures because of the hoses firefighters use to put out raging flames.

Emergency Response Contractors You Can Rely On in Harris County

TFRT is here for you. With our trained crew and licensed technicians, we are sure that you’ll be far from disappointed.

Rather than just focus on fire mitigation, as we have seen it all and resolved it all, we also specialize in fixing all other problems that stem from flash flooding to biohazards in from Baytown to Lake Jackson.

Getting The Job Done With TFRT

Contrary to obvious causes of water damage like hurricanes, the source often times isn’t so easy to pinpoint. Furthermore, we have our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification trained technicians sent out to do a few inspections to identify the source of the water damage. From there, it’s “lights out” as we proceed in extracting moisture & water from the targeted zones.

TFRT has a vast array of state-of-the-art water extraction equipment that handles the entire restoration process such as extracting standing water before dehumidifying the affected zones. Our specialists ensure that a thorough dry out leaves no remaining moisture in those almost inaccessible spaces.

Don’t worry if your furniture & upholstery is severely damaged. We make sure that they get replaced if it is cheaper than restoring them.

Why Choose Us for Cleaning Up After a Disaster?

We are dedicated to our clients’ well-being and peace of mind.

Whether it is your home or an entire community, water intrusion is what are men & women are trained to handle any level of severity.

Our number one goal is to get you and property to a pre-loss condition with no hassle & at an affordable price. Our seamlessly driven approach to reconstructing the home or commercial building from a disaster that is water damaged is a guarantee you can count on. It doesn’t just restrict to water as we provide mold remediation, inspection, & removal services. 

Mold Removal Services After a Fire

Beyond fire and water, we have an extensive list of services especially when it comes to remediating mold. Knowing that we are servicing Texas’ most populous city, there is no doubt that a myriad of problems can come to mind. When you call us, we come equipped with all sorts of tools like HEPA air purifiers & dehumidifiers, to name a couple.

How Do You Go About Estimating Fire Damage Costs?

Unfortunately, we cannot bundle price packages like other servicemen. There is no such thing as a repeating scenario. For us, we get different situations playing out on every disaster cleaning job. Therefore, after helping people recover from a myriad of destruction, we have come to the point where our way of assessing the property accurately is to have seasoned technicians out there to inspect & deliver a solution ASAP.

Our crew gets the job completed as if your property never even experienced any damage. There are no hidden extra fees nor obligations. A technician will inform you if extra accommodations are needed such as board-up. We should make it clear that the final price is determined by the severity of destruction & turnaround time.

More advanced reconstruction & remodeling jobs are offered if need be. We have the equipment & manpower to do so.

Even though TFRT cannot give a specific price, we can say that we’re here to be on your side at every stage of this traumatic and/or negative experience.

We often notice that things seem to cost more for some reason, even when compared to surrounding areas like Montgomery or Liberty County. Our hard working men & women have vowed never to price gouge you just for living in Uptown or Piney Point Village like the other guys!

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