Fire Restoration Denver

The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT) is Denver’s reliable disaster response when a flood or fire has ravaged your property.

With decades of experience, our specialists understand that where you work or live is not a structure that is meant to protect from the elements. It is more than that. It is a place where livelong memories are created.

Therefore, TFRT takes the utmost care when restoring & cleaning your home or business. From the initial phone call to the latest dampness inspections made by our hard-working men & women, we hold your hand at every step of the project.

Our certified staff restore your home or business with virtually no interruption.

Why is TFRT Your Denver Fire Restoration Specialist?

Having a business property or home where prized possessions burning in flames and smoke is a scene no one wishes to have or experience. As a nightmarish scenario that destroys everything when not controlled, it is a disaster that requires restoration responses from professionals at any time of day. Many of these incidents don’t end when the firefighters put out the flames. It is only the beginning because soot & smoke create volatile organic compounds that are often toxic. Moreover, you may be wondering the following, “how do I know which professional to contact?”

The Fire Restoration Team exists to help you. Licensed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), Pedro Andres & his team has earned the experience that spans decades. We’ve seen it all. Whether it is an inspection that checks for dampness in a basement or a full-reconstruction job of a burnt up facade, you can be sure that we can deliver in getting you through a disaster recovery as if it never happened.

We all know about the cliche that not acting right away can only exacerbate the consequences of a hazardous incident like a house fire. Thus, we move “heaven and earth” to be onsite with the equipment & specialists to handle & complete the job.

What is Included in Our Fire Clean Up Services

The number one goal we have in mind is earning your trust by restoring your home or business to pre-damaged conditions. So much so, we have been told by our customers that we have even remodeled their properties to an even better condition than before the disaster struck.

In addition to fixing everything ravaged by flames, TFRT is an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) that is constantly being certified for every procedure that is implemented. Our continuous drive to certification is one of the many reasons why we are the best choice for Greater Denver. Here are a few of the many processes we apply:

With more than a century of accumulated experience, you can be sure that we repair it all. Our team is more than just a contracting firm. We stand by your side at all times while being professional.

Whether it is a quadplex in Lincoln Park or a single ranch house in Ken Caryl, TFRT restores or even reconstructs any residential or commercial property in Colorado. We aren’t restricted to just fixing residential properties as restoring industrial & commercial properties are also in our portfolio.

With our built-out digital presence, we streamline how you can contact us online over the phone. The last thing you do in an emergency is to go through & to search out the best home services company. Instead, we show up right away in the search results & have a plethora of testimonials to make us the ultimate choice for residents in the Centennial State. TFRT specialists work onsite & remotely. Just because you may live in upscale places like Auraria doesn’t mean that you will pay an “arm and leg” for fire damage repair. Without a doubt, we have you & your family’s safety in mind even mapping the procedures that are needed to be done during an inspection.

How Do We Go About Charging Our Fire Damage Repair Services?

Unlike other restoration industries, fire damage reparation can be especially competitive.

To illustrate that, let’s suppose, God forbid, your house ends up burning to a crisp. In less than twenty-four hours, you are guaranteed to be contacted by at least three fire damage cleaning companies. All of them will sell themselves as being the best around. You probably are thinking about how you can differentiate amongst them & find the right technicians for you.

A myriad of questions can pop into your head. Rather than keep them bottled up in your mind, instead, pose them to each company that is approaching you. However, do not allow too much time to go by while vetting. Delaying the restoration process increases the likelihood of you possibly exacerbating property damage & losses.

May I see your fire damage restoration testimonials?
Why Should I Choose You Over Others Or Over What The Insurer Recommends?
Who is the head of the project if I were to hire & how can I be in touch with them?
What can be salvaged after a house fire?
Is it safe to be breathing soot after house fire?
Does your company handle everything in fire damage repairs, from beginning to end?
What is the expertise in your company & what other home repair services do you provide?

As a property owner, feel free to ask away anything that comes to mind. TFRT’s number one priority is that you are comfortable. We want to earn your trust. 

Our reputation is one of the many things that are built out of customer feedback. TFRT is not about closing you for the cleanup job; rather, we are close to you in every step of this often stressful time in your life. Moreover, we are only a phone call away. Every one of our specialists can be contacted directly anytime.

How Do We Eliminate Odors & Toxins From Smoke

Unavoidably, smoke causes powdery substances to form. Many of these are airborne. Some particles that you should be especially aware of are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they also contribute to the health problems mentioned later on in bullet points. Even though some of the tools we have in our “arsenal” such as an air scrubber & HEPA vacuum are good at getting the job done, you also need the extra manpower to help in assorting the damage as the after-effects of a fire have capability of causing more damage to personal belongings, furniture, & upholstery, if not cared by professionals.

Our technicians utilize poly sheeting as wrapping and detoxify the odor that often sticks to all kinds of hard-to-reach surfaces. On top of that, some odors can be so subtle in smell that yet last for months. They can stick on to furniture even if you scrub them on daily basis. Therefore, you need us to detoxify your property over a prolonged period of time before we can call it a mission complete.

Diseases That You Can Get If There’s No Restoration


Chronic Lung Disease

Heart Disease

We Respond to Calls Throughout the Denver Metro Area

TFRT Reviews Post Fire Restoration

“Hands down, Pedro & his team rocks! Got my house fixed in a way that looks better than pre-damaged conditions.”

Joe W,
Littleton CO

“Best bang per buck. Worked smoothly and was able to get the job done at an affordable price.”

Ryan P,
Denver CO

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