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  • IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) master technicians with crew specialized anywhere from Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) to Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT)
  • Certified staff always on-site

Capable of Handling All Levels of Damage

  • Have experience with a plethora fire scenarios under their belt
  • Can restore any property damage, regardless of its severity & location
  • Fully equipped employees with subcontractors who are in the trenches when comes to fire reconstruction too
  • Able to handle other disaster cleanup jobs such as water damage, mold removal, and content restoration

Reliable & Fully Insured

  • Count on us to have free onsite evaluation
  • Do not lock you into upfront payment
  • Will respond within the hour of the call
  • Paid for accomodations if necessary to move out during restoration
  • Accurate work with estimates given quickly
  • World-Class support to carry you the every step of the way

Using The Fire Restoration Team means you are working with the Western Suburb’s top disaster cleanup specialists. Whether you need smoke damage related services or soot removal, our local contractors are ready and waiting. Simply call or fill out the form when requesting The Team.

Restoring Your Property Locally

Your home or business is more than just a piece of property. They are places where you relax, work, and make cherished memories. Therefore, it can be devastating when a disaster such as a fire occurs.

In addition to fire and smoke damage, your property may also suffer from water damage due to the fire department’s efforts to extinguish the fire. It is crucial to have a reliable repair company that can handle various cleanup processes. This is where The Fire Restoration Team comes in.

TFRT is a leading disaster-cleaning company for both residential and commercial properties, serving all areas of Chicagoland with its roots in Naperville.

To help you recover from a crisis, we connect you with top-tier damage reconstruction professionals in our area. Our dedicated team ensures that everything is restored to its pre-disaster condition.

The owner, Pedro Andres, goes above and beyond the standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification to train his team. We have assisted numerous property owners in saving money and avoiding further complications that may have arisen without our intervention.

Emergency Response You Can Count On in the 60540 Area

TFRT is here for you. With our trained crew and licensed technicians, we are confident you will be satisfied.

In addition to fire mitigation, we specialize in resolving other issues, from flash flooding to biohazards, in DuPage, Cook, Lake, Kane, and Will Counties.

Working With A Contractor Vs. DIY

It is widely acknowledged that dealing with a hazardous event is challenging for people from all walks of life. As an emergency response team, we take pride in providing excellent service to our customers. Each customer is important to us and is treated like family.

TFRT recognizes that experiencing any level of property damage can be a nightmare. It’s devastating to think that the aesthetic appeal of our home or workplace can be instantly destroyed. Even more upsetting is that what we often cherish can be gone in the blink of an eye.

We are committed to minimizing these issues as much as possible to avoid situations where lives are at risk, which unfortunately happens often. We cannot control extreme weather or devastating fires, but you and TFRT can prevent disasters from escalating, as is usually the case.

The Fire Restoration Team focuses on more than just the appearance of a disaster. We also address hidden issues, such as small pockets of mold in your living room or powdery particles on your walls from undetected soot.

These problems require the expertise of licensed professionals like us. With our advanced equipment and years of experience, The Fire Restoration Team can handle any restoration task.

TFRT has decades of combined experience, allowing us to handle every disaster requiring cleanup services. You can expect professional and courteous service throughout the entire process. Our team of technicians and experts continuously strives to exceed your expectations.

What’s The Cost For Our Services?

Rest assured that our services will always be reasonably priced. However, the cost may vary depending on the specific requirements of your home or business. Our Fire Restoration Team will work to repair your property to a condition better than before the damage occurred. We will secure the building to prevent unauthorized access, remove accumulated water, and deodorize the area during the process.

Even if it doesn’t seem likely, a detailed remodeling project using more advanced equipment can always be the result.
Our employees always ensure that the job is completed correctly. We don’t come with any extra costs. It is our daily mission to respond as soon as the firefighters depart. No job is too big. Comprehensive inspections may require immediate reconstruction. The cost depends on your preferred estimated completion time or the feasibility of accomplishing it.

We cannot provide a specific price without a particular project to work on. In this industry, the cost depends on how the process unfolds. However, one thing we can assure you of is our loyalty and dedication to providing you with the best value for your money at TFRT.

What Happens When You Call Us

We can all agree that a fire can cause irreparable damage to a home or building. Yet, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences if no reconstruction efforts are made. Without prompt action, the structure becomes vulnerable to collapse during a storm. Moreover, if left unrepaired, the property could become a target for burglars seeking a hideout.

While this may sound alarming, our experience has shown that property owners who delay action often face exacerbated consequences. This is why mitigators must act swiftly after an incident. We aim to prevent situations where a simple repair evolves into a threat to the stability of the home or building.

This is not meant to scare you; instead, it has been our experience that property owners who do not act immediately tend to face worsened consequences. That’s why, as mitigators, we must be at the incident scene before time runs out. The last thing TFRT would want is a situation where you only need to have your floor replaced and the ceiling repainted, but instead, you end up facing a situation where the home’s or building’s stability is at risk.

Toxic Soot & Building Materials

The words “soot” or “smoke damage” are frequently mentioned in fire incidents because they usually result from a severe fire.

Soot and polycyclic hydrocarbons are toxins that form from smoke and fire. You might be wondering, “What is soot?” Well, it is an opaque powder that forms when there are large flames. It is mainly composed of organic material that has been burned. The particles that make up the clusters can be invisible to the naked eye and airborne. Without a proper filter, you could breathe it in, contaminating your body.

It is essential to note that only robust equipment like vacuums, air scrubbers, and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can handle hazardous substances, especially regarding fires. It’s important not to attempt this yourself, as there’s always a possibility that your home or business won’t be completely free of toxins.

If you smell odors, the gases produced by a fire can be so potent that you may need to evacuate until the issue is fixed. Thankfully, TFRT can quickly remove all remaining gases from your property.

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