The Fire Restoration Team

Full-Proofed Fire Damage Repair Process to Handle All Aspects of Fire Damaged Property

February’s News Update

[Chicago, IL]: The Fire Restoration Team, today, announced that they have also included smoke damage cleanup & soot removal services in all their fire restoration repairs & inspections. After decades of disaster cleanups, The Fire Restoration Team (TFRT) has seen that property inevitably experiences smoke damage within hours of a house fire. With that, soot often forms & deteriorates surfaces, further exacerbating property damage. And if that were not enough, smoke & soot are substances that can negatively impact the residents’ health if nothing is done to detect these commonly invisible toxins. To be on the safe side, The Fire Restoration Team has included smoke damage restoration & soot removal cleanup/inspection as complimentary procedures in their fire damage cleanup jobs.

Company owner Mr. Andres recently announced that “not only will our specialists do the job in a timely & effective manner, but TFRT will also take every proactive step necessary to ensure that no one’s health is compromised nor exposed to the hazards that come with a fire. We know that these are traumatic events. Therefore, we will make sure to be at your side throughout the entire cleanup.” After thanking his company staff for the time and energy they sacrifice, he included The Fire Restoration Team’s motto of “making sure that our work is done only when the property we were assigned does not only look as if it never experienced a fire; instead, we look to improve upon its pre-damaged condition.”

This enhanced approach to fire damage cleanup will be available starting now.

To detail the benefits of the company’s robust process of repairing a fire-damaged property, here are addon features that we will have in our damage cleanup service.


Since water is often utilized to put out a fire, they will do a water damage inspection followed by a restoration.


Factors that make a property prone to future fire disasters are rooted out.

About The Fire Restoration Team: The Fire Restoration Team’s website  is not only Chicago’s go-to disaster cleanup professionals. They serve as America’s most reliable & top-rated restoration company. Whether you experienced a house fire, have basement flooding, or are seeing black mold growth inside your corporate office, you can count on The Fire Restoration Team’s IICRC certified professionals to deliver the job for you.